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Custom Photography and Graphics

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Photos are from the Cincinnati HotRods Photoshoot September 26th, 2020  for their 2021 calendar. ALL proceeds from the sale of any photo or goods go to the KylerStrong Foundation to find the cause, cure and prevention of D.I.P.G. brain cancer. For more information go to: www.EndDIPG.org

Photo prints are from a professional photo lab to ensure the highest quality.

Photos were taken in a 2x3 type format. We highly recommend enlargements in multiples of this format (4x6, 8x12, etc.) Other enlargements (8x10, etc.) may result in undesirable cropping. If you need assistance with photo ordering, enlargement, sizes, etc. please contact us at: hyperperform@aol.com

Discounts available for multiple photo package purchases. Contact us for more information. Background watermark will not appear in printed photos or digital files purchased.

All photos are Copyright Hyper-Performance. Publication, including websites, blogs, printed material, etc. is strictly prohibited. Contact us to secure permission to use and publish any of these photographs. Thank you for your understanding! hyperperform@aol.com